The Different Types of Dads: Which One Is Yours?

The Different Types of Dads: Which One Is Yours?

There are several types of Dads. Some dads are great while some dads suck. Some dads will give all the things their child needs to succeed in life, while some dads want their kids to be independent and strong. The point is, every dad is different, and there are many faces of fatherhood, cool, funny, traditional, etc. Let's get to know the different types of dads out there and find out what type of dad is yours.

The Workaholic Dad

The Workaholic Dad

This type of dad is always attached to his work phone or laptop. He never usually leaves his office chair because he is always busy. His work desk can also be his coffee table, dining table, or bedroom. Outside his office, this dad's hobbies include checking emails, social media, or his text messages in case someone sends him an important message during his off day from work. In short, this dad is busy hustling so you can grow comfortably. 

 Basically, this dad's life outside of work is also about work. This dad might not be the best expert to talk about kids, life, and balance, but he knows how to advance his career while still being a dad.

The Proud Dad

This type of dad loves pulling out his phone and showing everyone the pictures of his kids, even when they are there. The proud dad is so keen to show that he is a father and loves telling stories about his kids to his co-worker or anyone willing to listen. This dad is an excellent example of a positive attitude that can encourage greater mental health and behavior, but this attitude can also lead to spoiling his kids.

The Girl, Dad

The girl's dad is the father of daughters, the pros at doing a girl's hair, or taking the extra seat at girls' tea parties. There's always something special about the bond between a father and a daughter. Some dads feel that being a dad to girls is always a great opportunity, and as a father and as a man, it helped build them into a stronger person.

The Doting Dad

The doting dad is the most caring, hands-on, and most affectionate daddy one can have. He never failed to dedicate his time to a father-daughter or father-son party. This dad loves spending time with his kids, playing games, eating out together, or simply watching movies together. 

He enjoys making his kids feel that they are his forever little ones and love calling them by their cute names such as princess or munchkins. This dad often has a close relationship with his kids and tends to be spoilers at times, but let's admit it, we love this type of dad.

The Park Dad

This is the dad who enjoys playing hide and seek, tag running around the play structure, or biking at the park with his kids. He wants to tickle and makes the kids giggle uncontrollably, and he is having fun too. This dad loves to have fun with the kids. The park dad is a lot of fun to be with but is also great on letting his kids include friends, and others play with them. For him, this is the break that he gets to talk and socialize with other parents in the park while ensuring that his kids are playing nicely.

The Girl Dad


The Playful Dad

The playful dad thinks he's just one of the kids. This dad wants to relive his childhood and is not afraid to do it through his kids and wants to do everything his kids do too. He may be four times the size of his kids, but this dad is still a kid at heart. This dad is an expert on kids' play.

The Millennial Dad

The millennial dad is the one who is updated on the happenings on the internet more than you are! He has the latest gadgets and social media accounts. In short, he is significantly updated with the latest trends of today. These are the dads that jive well with the younger generation and know the latest trends. Yes, that's right; they are so in with today's trends, that they might even have their tiktok video posted on social media.

The Super Hero Dad

As parents, we all learned quickly that just keeping our kids alive is enough. We need to provide them with food, education, shelter, and become our kids' entertainers, coaches, advisers, drivers, maids, nurses, and even beyond. We want the best for our kids and teach them how to play, have fun, laugh, and be silly and believe in themselves and grow up knowing they grow up to be good people. And every superhero dad knows that and is doing his best to provide everything for his kids.

The Single Dad

This type of dad is alone but definitely not a lonely dad, for he always has a single community at his back. This dad is doing great as a solo parent.

The Geek Dad

This dad is great at participating in his kid's interests. This dad may love playing dress-up with his kids and showing them the ropes on his favorite games and movies. 

The DIY Dad

You'll always find this type of dad in his garage fixing some stuff. He might not say much, but this dad is great at fixing things, assembling anything, and even changing flat tires. This dad has lots of hobbies and loves doing DIY fixes in his hobbies so the kids can enjoy the result of his DIY jobs.

The All-Around Dad

This dad works hard but still finds time to help with the household chores, cooking, and taking care of his little children. This dad always finds time to read your favorite stories, help you with your homework, or even cook dinner after a long day at work. He can be both a mom and a dad and excel in this role. This dad can do anything for his kids and family.

The Doting Dad

The Dad Who Isn't A Dad

These are our mums, uncles, stepdads, grandfathers, brothers, and sometimes friends of the family who step up to play the father figure in our lives. Giving us wisdom, a shoulder to cry on, providing a male role model, and sometimes even doing all these things and more and falling into the above categories. Great appreciation to all the dads who are not our dads but helped us become the best version of ourselves.

Our dads may have different personalities, styles, looks, and perspectives in life, but one thing is for sure: they all love their family so much and are doing their best and anything to be a great dad and to make their loved ones happy. So no matter what type of dad we have, all dads are awesome, and they should be celebrated because without them, we will not be in this world, and that makes them incredible. 

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