12 Awesome T-shirts Gift For Dad

12 Awesome T-shirts Gift For Dad

Whatever the occasion is, you don't want to be buying the same gift for dad every year. Our dads have done so much for us, and he deserved to be given the best gift, whatever the occasion is. But buying gifts can be stressful and confusing, right? With so many gifts to choose from, finding that special gift for the special men in your life can be a challenge. 

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. With that in mind, we've taken the time to stock up on a variety of Dad's shirts the men in your life will love. Show him how much you think he is the "Best Dad" by getting him one of our fun and eye-catching dad's shirts. So if you want to get something different for the special men in your life this time, check out this 12 awesome t-shirts for the best dad.

1. Bring Your Dad A Beer Shirt

If your dad is someone who enjoys beer, then this t-shirt is for him. Featuring a white and yellow text that says,  “That’s Cute Now Bring Your Dad a Beer,” this shirt will be a great wardrobe addition to your beer-loving dad, step-dad, father-in-law, uncle, or grandpa. 

Make dad’s smile on his special day with this “Bring Your Dad a Beer” shirt. This is a fun tee for a dad who loves microbrews, lagers, and a home-brewer brewmaster. He will truly love wearing this shirt while relaxing and drinking his favorite beer.

Bring Your Dad A Beer Shirt

2. Girl Dad

This girl's dad's t-shirt is a perfect gift for you to give to the proud father of your girls. This t-shirt that says "GIRL DAD" at the tee's front shows a statement that he is a proud and happy girl, dad. This tee is made up of 100% comb and ring-spun cotton and has an excellent fit that any girl dad can proudly wear anytime. 

Girl Dad Shirt

3. It’s How Eye Roll Shirt

“It’s How Eye Roll” is an excellent gift for the world’s funniest dad ever from any loving son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, wife, or family friends. A great funny gift idea for dad on his special day. He will love wearing this shirt that displays his exceptional talent in making everyone in the family laugh with his random jokes.

It's How Eye Roll Shirt

4. Poddle Dad Shirt

 This cool “poodle dad” t-shirt is designed for any proud parent of poodles. One of the best gift ideas for dad’s, this shirt will make a fun Father’s Day gift from your pet. Make your dad happy and proud of his favorite pet with this tee that will look great when he walks his poodle in the park. 

Poodle Dad Shirt

5. Fantasy Football Legend

This awesome “Husband, Wife Fantasy Football Legend” shirt is a perfect dad gift to any fantasy football-loving dad or husband. Every football fanatic dad will love wearing this shirt while watching the game and cheering on his favorite team. Celebrate your dad’s special day or birthday with this tee and make dad smile.

Fantasy Football Legend Shirt for Dad

6. Cat, Dad

A funny cat dad t-shirt gift that is perfect for your boyfriend, husband, dad, grandpa, or father-in-law who are pet lovers. This cat dad shirt is an ideal gift for cat lover dad so he will know how outstanding he is being the best dad not only to you and your siblings but also to his pets. Another way to add fun to the occasion is to gift wrap this cat dad shirt and a gift from the cat to his dad.


Cat Dad Shirt

7. Head Grounds Keeper Tee

A great way to express your love and admiration to your dad is by showing how proud you are of everything he does. This Head Grounds Keeper tee is a great way to show dad your appreciation for his love for you. He will surely love wearing this shirt while trimming for the front lawn while showing everyone who is the king of the block!

Head Grounds Keeper Shirt For Dad

8. Rad Jokes Shirt

Celebrate your dad’s day with this funny “Rad Jokes shirt for Dad.” Simple and straight to the point and written in big white letters, the “dad jokes? more like rad jokes!” texts are easy to read that everyone will know what type of dad your father is. Give this shirt to show your dad that even though you’ve grown, you still think of him as an awesome dad!

Rad Jokes Dad Shirt

9. My Kids Throw Dimes

This t-shirt, “My Kid Throws Dimes,” is designed to show everyone how proud a dad is of their kids' success. Every time your dad wears this dad’s t-shirt gift from you, he’ll smile and know how much he is loved and spoiled by his kids.

My Kid Throw Dimes Shirt For Dad

10. The Grill Master Dad

The “Grill Master” dad shirt is for a dad who cooks the perfect burger and steak. Show how much you appreciate and love his grilling skills by giving him a shirt that tells his expertise. This shirt is an ideal gift for the grill master in the house, and I’m sure he will love wearing this shirt while showing off his grilling skills to everyone.

The Grill Master Dad Shirt

11. Eat No Sleep Diapers Repeat Shirt

Welcome the new dad to the world of fatherhood and sleepless nights with this funny  “Eat No Sleep Diapers Repeat Shirt.” 

Eat No Sleep Diaper Repeat Shirt For Dad

12. Garage Dad

For a dad who loves cars or fixing things in his garage, this dad shirt with a quote that says “I Keep My Muscles In The Garage” is a perfect one. Give him more inspiration to pursue his love for cars with this garage shirt. 

Garage Shirt For Dad


 As with any other occasion, you don’t have to buy expensive gifts for your dad every year. Let dad know how much he is appreciated with these fun t-shirts that he can wear proudly. He will surely love these shirts, knowing that you’ve put so much thought about giving him a funny shirt that fits his personality. We are sure these shirts will become his new favorite piece of apparel and rest assured that he will wear it all year round.  Shop now and give your dad a shirt that everyone will say, so you, dad!

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